Saturday, March 20

weekend piccys ~ southby edition

{a week-long party ~ registration booth encouraging artists to "be safe!"}

{ooo-wee-ooo we looked just like buddy holly ~ urban art near where we caught a bit of joe ely's parkinglot concert}

{perfect weather for an official (no, really!) festival-sanctioned back-alley show}

{and for spending a little time in line}

{a colorful weekend}

{with lots of genres represented ~ loving the accessories on this buckaroo}

{... and, strangely, lots of babies ~ properly accessorized with ear-protection, of course}

{... and loads of free beer}

{... and free music}

{the festival can be as charged-up or as relaxed as you please}

{you can choose to be as good (or bad) as you like}

{... just as long as you're on the cash economy}

{after just a few days we were thoroughly pooped}


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