Monday, March 15

weekend piccys ~

{harnessing my type-a ~ floral arranging for deb's big day}

{... so the weekend began a little early ~ value-added puzzles on the caps of "texas gatorade"}

{daffodil weather arrived just in time}

{lucky weather for a lucky bride}

{a spring in everyone's step}

{very few photos of the decorative details I created ~ b called this one "the mossy deathstar" ~ hopefully I'll post more later}

{the most involved floral arranging ~ a kissing ball for the flower girl}

{gorgeous gown for a gorgeous bride}

{and a gorgeous day ~ windows flung wide}

{all of them}


{the food was pretty spectacular, too ~ local goat cheeses. made by neighbor to the caterer}

{french picnic themed party ~ the bride and her pa enjoying the evening}

{b & I had a wonderful time, too}

{oh! and one more detail ~ the getaway car}

{and after all the work saturday, we did deliberately little, sunday ~ some weird kale in the garden, growing odd frills}

{some planning ~ many topics}

{t.kitten attempting to flatten himself for birdwatching}


{warm evening light has returned too ~ daylight savings rocks my world}


the sin fairy said...

Beautiful! I am jealous of all things depicted here. :)

huebscher said...

I know! Wishing you were here, and not in that crappy postcard kinda way. The Brooklyn Vegan party is today.

natalie said...

Gorgeous pic, Melis! Love 'em.