Tuesday, March 9

when the morning comes

gawd, I'm such a geek. but this okgo video makes me smile. actually, parts make me laugh out loud. it's just so cleverly put together; a perfect mix of geeky, scienc-ie precision, and true art. watch it ... and then if you're like me, watch it a few more times to catch the bits that slipped by unnoticed. word is it was a shoestring budget kind of affair. and though it was clearly done in one take, I wonder just how many attempts were required to get there.

my brother's and my childhood marble-runs were never so cool.

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P3 said...

that was AWESOME! Gives me hope that Brady's Thomas track and lego obsessions could someday be put to good use? And by good use, I mean making an overpriced yet outwardly awe-inspiring youtube videu...