Friday, April 30

frankly, my dear ...

now that invitations have gone out, and most people have them in their mailboxes (confirmation has already come from washington d.c.) ... I can post a pic or two.

elisewho's europeanvacationwedding inches nearer by the second, and I've been recruited to help her "maid" of honor throw a girlyparty. but, um ... not the kind of "girlyparty" a guy might normally organize. it will be no shirtless-adrian-zmed/quaalude-scarfing-mule kind of affair. so what kind of themes might a dude contribute to a bridal shower? little pink flowers? nope. hearts and stars and rainbows and unicorns? not really. ... hotdogs? **yep.

to save a few pennies for putting toward euros, I purchased plain stock and printed/cut everything in-house, using a wonderful complimentary design and fonts by haley dolan of bread of many (hooray for the interwebs!). since two of e's three bridesmaids will be unable to fly in — two short weeks prior to the great 'dam pilgrimage — they got a little extra something in their envelopes, made of japanese masking tape and floss. ... and a little confetti.

... oh, and pop rocks. because it's just not a party without pop rocks.

**to be fair, it should probably be mentioned that the bride was given several options, and she selected bacon-wrapped door number three.


Thursday, April 29

bookin' it to amsterdam

it's not often that I actually wear jcrew — their sleek styles aren't really cut for the girls with badonkadonk — but I still occasionally peruse their catalogs.

a stylist's scrapbook on their website has me daydreaming of what I might do with the supersecret souvenir favor we'll be receiving at elisewho & matty's wedding.

I love their classy take on grannie-chic, and the relaxed, beach-ie feel of their summer lines (even if their mannequins will never be shaped like me).


Wednesday, April 28

a purl of an idea

it ranks among the top ten birthday cards ever, and came from b, a year (or two?) ago.

it seems next to that chocolate bar in my little purse, I've always kept a little beaded coin-purse's worth of skepticism ... and mayhaps a tiny, shimmery organza pouch of f-you. not, you know, in an evil kind of, destructive sort of way — more like in an inside-joke, social/poetic-justice, stick-it-to-the-man, mischievous kind of way.

this might be why I've always had an appreciation for urban art. you know, not in an angry, vandalistic kind of way — more in a paper decal, guerrilla gardening, bumper-sticker-on-street-sign type way. I totally respect the broken window theory — it did wonders for a safer, cleaner new york. it's also totally understandable that people fear criticism. I merely believe a healthy society has a good appreciation of irony. and it's juvenile, I know, but life is just funner with a light sprinkling of f-you.

in that light, I lurv the city's summer art city austin series, featuring local folks working in a palate of ephemeral materials. the first piece, by magda sayeg, has already gone up. magda's knitting lends a quirky, fun spirit to a ho-hum piece of preexisting art, which has always seemed to me a work in progress.

she's also reportedly knitting cozies for some of the new parking kiosks near city hall.
allsome (because what everybody needs for a texas summer is an afghan to curl up with).

the second commission will be installed by architecture student daniel morrison, from thousands of pieces of "reclaimed" cardboard boxes.

I've heard rumor there's more on the way, too.

thanks, tolly, for the post!

ohyeah — I almost forgot!

Free Movie Poster


Tuesday, April 27

reis trekken

tickets = purchased.



Monday, April 26

somebody stop me!


I think I'm going for it.

after reading an earth day post by a favorite blogger, and then following her link to another, I sort of tumbled down the rabbithole of the no-poo movement.

about a year ago, a fellow curly-haired-soprano — the only type with whom I ever really associate (you know who you are ::wink::) — mentioned she'd given up the poo when I complimented her perfect curls. you see, we c.h.s. are a tight-knit sisterhood, requiring much moral support and product recommendation. her hair, while always pretty, was suddenly gorgeous. her golden highlights shone weightlessly and her curls had body without frizz: a miracle in texan septembers. not only that — she claimed to have found the curly-hair holy grail: total product independence. my jaw-dropped incredulity may only register for others in context of my morning regime: one dab of this, with a little smidge of that, a few pumps of this (plus sometimes a teensy bit of this), followed by a spritz or two of this. it's expensive in time and cash, and requires regular consultation of the weather channel, tea leaves and runes.

to be perfectly frank, I've been dabbling for a while, only shampooing every second or third day, and wetting my hair in-between. I've been on a near-constant quest to locate shampoos without sls and other harsh chemicals that contaminate the water supply (they may not be proven carcinogenic, but they're more assertive than necessary, and it just makes me plain nervous slathering petroleum-derived products on my scalp). anyhoo — it may be a regrettable decision after a few humid days, but I maaay just try it out. see how it feels. you know ... until I end up trying to cover the pickle smell with patchouli stink, requiring some sort of crazyhippie intervention.

friends, here's where I need your help — please speak up if I start smelling like that dog.


Monday, April 12

weekend piccys ~ big stuff

{season for new things ~ cucumber seedlings}

{and new things that contain old things ~ a new home for wonderful friends}

{a wonderful, quirky home with lots of history}

{... and a pond}

{... and some chairs in which to enjoy said pond}

{and ... whatever this is}

{oh! that!}

{a place to be enjoyed with friends, family, and friends with new family}



{quite happily ~ congratulations a & d!}


Monday, April 5

holland america tour?

{photo: texas state library & archives}

{photo: cindy carpien, npr}

this morning npr carried a story on holland taylor, who's spent the last few years developing a one-man show on the topic of ann richards. taylor's name may not strike a chord, but she's been on just about every tv series since the early 70's — and the fiery redhead has been practicing in the badass chick department for decades (starting even before bosom buddies), playing authoritative figures: judges, executives, agents, doctors, deans ... and lots of moms. but this next role will culminate years of playing sassy, witty ladies with the best of them all — the decidedly non-fictitious texas governor (and personal hero), ann richards. ::eep!::

best of all, the location of the debut — new york? l.a.?
um. galveston???

... think I might feel a pink mafia pilgrimage coming on.


Sunday, April 4

strawberry dulce de leche cake

it's already local strawberry season, and I've been prowling for recipes, beyond my standard shortcake and smoothie fallbacks. I still hope to make time for a good batch or two of strawberry jam (though this spring seems to have been substantially busier than last, by the looks of my dwindling stores), but in absence of that day, berries have been worked into yogurt, oatmeal and ... this cake.

this recipe features a slight yogurt tang, offsetting the rich caramel/berry sweetness. it triggers a sense memory for me, nostalgic of one of my mom's favorite treatments for fresh berries –whole berries simply dunked once in sour cream, then brown sugar, which we would enjoy, relaxed around the table after dinner.

strawberry dulce de leche cake
adapted from divine taste
8 oz. flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
7 fl oz milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
14 oz. can/jar dulce de leche
1 stick butter
4 tbsp yogurt
1 cup (maybe a little more) strawberries, thinly sliced

grease tin generously with butter, and preheat oven to 350°f. in a bowl, sift together flour, baking powder and baking soda.

in large bowl, beat butter, vanilla and dulce de leche together until combined. mix in yogurt and beat again. add half of flour mixture and half of milk, and fold in with a spatula.

fold in the remainder of flour mixture and milk, then fold in strawberry slices. pour batter into the cake tin and bake for 35-40 minutes for an 8 inch bundt cake or a little longer for a 9 inch cake.

{oatmeal, adorned}