Friday, April 30

frankly, my dear ...

now that invitations have gone out, and most people have them in their mailboxes (confirmation has already come from washington d.c.) ... I can post a pic or two.

elisewho's europeanvacationwedding inches nearer by the second, and I've been recruited to help her "maid" of honor throw a girlyparty. but, um ... not the kind of "girlyparty" a guy might normally organize. it will be no shirtless-adrian-zmed/quaalude-scarfing-mule kind of affair. so what kind of themes might a dude contribute to a bridal shower? little pink flowers? nope. hearts and stars and rainbows and unicorns? not really. ... hotdogs? **yep.

to save a few pennies for putting toward euros, I purchased plain stock and printed/cut everything in-house, using a wonderful complimentary design and fonts by haley dolan of bread of many (hooray for the interwebs!). since two of e's three bridesmaids will be unable to fly in — two short weeks prior to the great 'dam pilgrimage — they got a little extra something in their envelopes, made of japanese masking tape and floss. ... and a little confetti.

... oh, and pop rocks. because it's just not a party without pop rocks.

**to be fair, it should probably be mentioned that the bride was given several options, and she selected bacon-wrapped door number three.


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Rachel said...

They look amazing!

And personally, when confronted with many food choices, I'll take hot dogs almost every time.