Monday, April 5

holland america tour?

{photo: texas state library & archives}

{photo: cindy carpien, npr}

this morning npr carried a story on holland taylor, who's spent the last few years developing a one-man show on the topic of ann richards. taylor's name may not strike a chord, but she's been on just about every tv series since the early 70's — and the fiery redhead has been practicing in the badass chick department for decades (starting even before bosom buddies), playing authoritative figures: judges, executives, agents, doctors, deans ... and lots of moms. but this next role will culminate years of playing sassy, witty ladies with the best of them all — the decidedly non-fictitious texas governor (and personal hero), ann richards. ::eep!::

best of all, the location of the debut — new york? l.a.?
um. galveston???

... think I might feel a pink mafia pilgrimage coming on.


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double tonic said...

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!