Wednesday, April 28

a purl of an idea

it ranks among the top ten birthday cards ever, and came from b, a year (or two?) ago.

it seems next to that chocolate bar in my little purse, I've always kept a little beaded coin-purse's worth of skepticism ... and mayhaps a tiny, shimmery organza pouch of f-you. not, you know, in an evil kind of, destructive sort of way — more like in an inside-joke, social/poetic-justice, stick-it-to-the-man, mischievous kind of way.

this might be why I've always had an appreciation for urban art. you know, not in an angry, vandalistic kind of way — more in a paper decal, guerrilla gardening, bumper-sticker-on-street-sign type way. I totally respect the broken window theory — it did wonders for a safer, cleaner new york. it's also totally understandable that people fear criticism. I merely believe a healthy society has a good appreciation of irony. and it's juvenile, I know, but life is just funner with a light sprinkling of f-you.

in that light, I lurv the city's summer art city austin series, featuring local folks working in a palate of ephemeral materials. the first piece, by magda sayeg, has already gone up. magda's knitting lends a quirky, fun spirit to a ho-hum piece of preexisting art, which has always seemed to me a work in progress.

she's also reportedly knitting cozies for some of the new parking kiosks near city hall.
allsome (because what everybody needs for a texas summer is an afghan to curl up with).

the second commission will be installed by architecture student daniel morrison, from thousands of pieces of "reclaimed" cardboard boxes.

I've heard rumor there's more on the way, too.

thanks, tolly, for the post!

ohyeah — I almost forgot!

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