Monday, April 26

somebody stop me!


I think I'm going for it.

after reading an earth day post by a favorite blogger, and then following her link to another, I sort of tumbled down the rabbithole of the no-poo movement.

about a year ago, a fellow curly-haired-soprano — the only type with whom I ever really associate (you know who you are ::wink::) — mentioned she'd given up the poo when I complimented her perfect curls. you see, we c.h.s. are a tight-knit sisterhood, requiring much moral support and product recommendation. her hair, while always pretty, was suddenly gorgeous. her golden highlights shone weightlessly and her curls had body without frizz: a miracle in texan septembers. not only that — she claimed to have found the curly-hair holy grail: total product independence. my jaw-dropped incredulity may only register for others in context of my morning regime: one dab of this, with a little smidge of that, a few pumps of this (plus sometimes a teensy bit of this), followed by a spritz or two of this. it's expensive in time and cash, and requires regular consultation of the weather channel, tea leaves and runes.

to be perfectly frank, I've been dabbling for a while, only shampooing every second or third day, and wetting my hair in-between. I've been on a near-constant quest to locate shampoos without sls and other harsh chemicals that contaminate the water supply (they may not be proven carcinogenic, but they're more assertive than necessary, and it just makes me plain nervous slathering petroleum-derived products on my scalp). anyhoo — it may be a regrettable decision after a few humid days, but I maaay just try it out. see how it feels. you know ... until I end up trying to cover the pickle smell with patchouli stink, requiring some sort of crazyhippie intervention.

friends, here's where I need your help — please speak up if I start smelling like that dog.



Rachel said...

Good luck! I only shampoo three times a week, but any attempt to cut it down more ended in disaster. But, I have very, very straight hair, which I think appreciate washing a bit more than curly hair.

Still have had no luck finding shampoo without SLS, but I do use Neutrogena's extra gentle face wash because it's SLS free. I use SDS in the lab (almost the same chemical) and you're required to wear gloves when you handle it (granted, it's super concentrated), so I'm not a huge fan of getting face wash that puts it right in my eyes.

the sin fairy said...

Wha?! I want to hear all about it. I'm not brave enough....

huebscher said...

thanks, rachel! 3/week has been my experience so far (mostly related to personal comfort), so I think I'm going to try the baking soda route, and feel free to rinse with it as often as necessary. ... could you use the face-wash in hair, or would that be prohibitively expensive?

sin fairy – found a new mousse for you – will text a pic (it's not vegan, but all organic). three days/one gym workout – so far so good!