Sunday, May 23

here we go

there is much I wish could have been accomplished before this moment, but ... well ... it's just too damn bad.

we're off to europe for *two* weeks! (ack!) I'll try to update a little where there's wi-fi access, but most likely the majority (and the better pics) will be posted in june.


Monday, May 17

big pimpin (spending cheese)

um. wow.

yes, austin possesses a bustling dining scene, a young, extroverted population (students, as a rule, don't cook), two spectacular grocery chains battling for customer loyalty, and supports a respectable organic/local/slow foods movement ... but damn! it's somewhat surprising to read that 5 detrioters could eat on the *average* austinite's budget. that is to say, as an austinite who attempts to buy/grow/eat fresh, nutritious food-with-a-capital-f, but who by no means eats caviar, well, *ever* ... I am shocked.


other than that, all's I really know is, whoever is responsible for this graphic must be local, if he/she knows torchy's.


what the what!


it seems I've got a case of déjà vu. and just when the euro dropped below $1.25! damn.

then again, g-ma managed to have arranged her euro break on (what ended up being) one of the first flights allowed in the air last month, so I've got hope we'll find the same.

... but maybe just for insurance, cross fingers for us? (thanks.) I rarely read horoscopes, but the paper was there this morning, so I looked.

in the meantime I'll just be here enjoying the sunny morning and another piece of toast (seeduction loaf with brown butter and the remainder of last year's strawberry-hibiscus jam).


Saturday, May 15

soon and very soon

this evening, while checking in on the garden, a few of the tomatoes peering back at me bore a definite blush.



Thursday, May 13

what's the story morning glory

time's slipped through my fingers again ::sigh:: so this one may be a lengthy update (perhaps with overdue pics, tomorrow, but eyes are steadily drooping now). perhaps I'll just bullet point it again, temporarily.

so, what have I been up to? ... what *have* I been up to???
  • counting down the days (10!)
  • keeping my beady little eyes trained on the euro (thank goodness for southern europe!)
  • keeping my beady little eyes trained on the nederlanders' weather, and rethinking my "brilliant" pre-packing plan
  • planning a perty for a bestie
  • planning a quick trip to galveston
  • searching for a good paperback to take along on the trip (suggestions? perhaps this one? or this?)
  • and considering money-belt alternatives (and a supersneaky/semi-ridiculous solution)
  • discovering three straight nights dreaming of work do not actually add up to comp time (boo.)
  • watching this year's tomatoes become huge
  • not missing shampoo much – discovering baking soda works just as well (better, even ~ is it possible I'm allergic to shampoo?), though it doesn't leave a breeze of green apples and rosebuds in my wake
  • looking forward to summer visitors
  • enjoying the last few days of spring, dining al fresco with friends
  • counting the first fireflies of the season
  • missing singing quite a bit, but remembering what it's like to visit the gym regularly
  • the best four years (thus far) marked off the calendar, with my boo.


Sunday, May 9

mum's the word

it's totally ridiculous that only once or twice per year, on randomly selected, officially sanctioned days, people say nice things to and about their mothers.

... and yet, that's what I'm about to do here today.

{fattest baby ever}

{lesson number one: expression of phenotype is a wacky thing ~ some of us look little like her ... some look nearly identical}

{... which is a good thing, of course}

I am among the luckiest generation of females ever born, in one of the safest, wealthiest nations, following the advent of antibiotics and tampons and color tv (and even — effective birth control). I was born blessed. but even in light of all the blessings of me generation (like the right to vote, air conditioning, and piles of paperback novels) stacking the deck in my favor, my mother has made life a wonderful journey.

lessons learned from her (including, but not limited to):
  • consider a good argument before saying "no"
  • sing along with the good songs on the radio
  • don't judge a garment by the hanger ~ try it on
  • ... and examine the seams
  • pay attention to the evening news
  • don't fear appealing to an expert
  • willingly share your own expertise when asked
  • basements are good places for roller skating
  • if you like something but it's not in the budget, sew it/paint it/make it yourself
  • happiness is a choice to be made, sometimes daily
  • going to the beach is a legitimate reason for missing a day of school (if your homework is done, of course)
  • know thyself, but appreciate the differences between people
  • always fight the good fight
  • know the difference between the good fight and tilting at windmills
  • tea and good books make great gifts
  • pack good lunches ~ even if you don't eat the fun stuff yourself, it's good for social capital
  • travel makes us better persons (the further from home, the better)
  • horses make us better persons, too (the more horses, the better)
  • take in hurt or stray animals (not limited to mammals), which make the most memorable pets (e.g., newtzilla & atticus)
  • open your home fully to guests
  • and open your arms fully to friends and family
  • ... even the crazy ones (they can't be changed, but they can be loved anyway)

I genuinely respect and love my mom, and strive each day to live up to her example. it's not likely speaking out of turn to say I hope she's as proud of her children today as we are of her.

{gratuitous virtual flowers}


Thursday, May 6

holy mosquito wings, batman!

whoa. what an amazing look at innovative photography techniques and a facet of the natural world we very rarely get to see. not only has charles krebs mastered lighting his "challenging" models, but he's developed post-process techniques to overcome limitations to the laws of optics.

{video: king 5 - seattle ~ via strobist}


Tuesday, May 4

au coin de ma rue

while loitering on the interwebs over the weekend (search criteria: dam, fashion, vintage), I happened upon this wonderful blog. the anonymous journal is kept for preserving inspiration the author finds in people – some local, some not– who seem to have perfected personal style.

she says of the people she approaches, quite literally on her street corner, "they all have an ‘intangible something’ that reflects into their expression. it’s like their body and face embrace entirely their personality."

{bénédicte (belgium) ~ via au coin de ma rue}