Thursday, May 13

what's the story morning glory

time's slipped through my fingers again ::sigh:: so this one may be a lengthy update (perhaps with overdue pics, tomorrow, but eyes are steadily drooping now). perhaps I'll just bullet point it again, temporarily.

so, what have I been up to? ... what *have* I been up to???
  • counting down the days (10!)
  • keeping my beady little eyes trained on the euro (thank goodness for southern europe!)
  • keeping my beady little eyes trained on the nederlanders' weather, and rethinking my "brilliant" pre-packing plan
  • planning a perty for a bestie
  • planning a quick trip to galveston
  • searching for a good paperback to take along on the trip (suggestions? perhaps this one? or this?)
  • and considering money-belt alternatives (and a supersneaky/semi-ridiculous solution)
  • discovering three straight nights dreaming of work do not actually add up to comp time (boo.)
  • watching this year's tomatoes become huge
  • not missing shampoo much – discovering baking soda works just as well (better, even ~ is it possible I'm allergic to shampoo?), though it doesn't leave a breeze of green apples and rosebuds in my wake
  • looking forward to summer visitors
  • enjoying the last few days of spring, dining al fresco with friends
  • counting the first fireflies of the season
  • missing singing quite a bit, but remembering what it's like to visit the gym regularly
  • the best four years (thus far) marked off the calendar, with my boo.


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