Monday, June 28

weekend piccys

the summer has been swiftly heating up since our return from europe, and I've been remiss in posting. with a family visit from home, it's surprising how little time is left for personal maintenance while playing full-time ambassador and tour-guide! anyhow, it's been tremendous fun and completely exhausting.

{an indulgent trip to the salon, with its seasonal decor}

{and a trip to the farmers market ~ long lines for peaches indicate summer is in full swing}

{summer movie festival favorite ~ b@t is even funnier watched with a full house}

{a few trips to redbud isle ...}

{... and sno beach, to cool off}

{not to mention the springs — year-round 68 degree water will drop a person's core-temp in seconds flat}

{texas summers require survival incentives ~ fresh strawberry gelato}

{... or maybe just a blanket and a bikini, cleverly stashed in your car}

{... and a good neighborhood hangout}


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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Love these quintessential summer pictures! The peaches are especially photogenic. Also, I am envious of your Amsterdam trip! My husband and I are both dying to go - looks like you had a fabulous time.