Sunday, October 3

weekend piccys — back in the saddle

well, alrighty! so it seems blogger may be accepting photos again, in which case I'm back to work. I mean ... "work." ::wink:: not that keeping up with blogging is the hardest thing on the planet, it's just that sometimes living life is as important as documenting it, and that's the spot I've been occupying.

I've ... err ... we've also been planning a non-wedding wedding! which has meant a ton of running around, searching (and searching and searching) for the right venue. this one was not it.

neither was this venue — it would have been much too large. for a wedding, that is.

it was just perfect for the pixies show we caught (which, incidentally, was awesome). for an old gang of punks, they still brought it, and on a schoolnight no less.

a housewarming package finally made it into the mail.

and, though our favored team sucked the proverbial big one, tacodeli brightened the day.

as did some girltime with a few of my sassiest friends (especially little lulu), on a gorgeous afternoon.

a few almond joy cookies later, it was a fine weekend.

I don't really know what this fine specimen is, but he hung out on our porch all weekend.

he must have come in on the first fall coldfront — which means it's about time for collecting pecans.

— which also means I need to get as much wear as possible out of my favorite sandals before it's too late. ::grin::


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